Grants - State Homeland Security Grant (SHSP) Program and Forms

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SHSP supports the implementation of State Homeland Security Strategies to address the identified planning, organization, equipment, training, and exercise needs for acts of terrorism and other catastrophic events. In addition, SHSP supports the implementation of the National Preparedness Guidelines, the National Incident Management System (NIMS), and the National Response Framework (NRF). Must ensure at least 20% of funds are dedicated towards law enforcement terrorism prevention-oriented activities. 80% pass through.

2019 SHSP Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) PDF April 2019
2019 SHSP Key Changes PDF April 2019
2019 SHSP Fact Sheet PDF April 2019
2019 SHSP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) PDF April 2019
Reallocation of Funds
Reallocation of Grant Funds Request Form Word October 2018
2019 HSGP - State Overview and Guidelines Acrobat December 2018
2019 SHSP Project Application Word December 2018
2019 SHSP Application Coversheet Word December 2018
2019 Project Application – Alaska Shield Training Word December 2018
2018 State HSGP Guidance Acrobat December 2018
2017 State HSGP Guidance Acrobat December 2017
2016 State HSGP Guidance Acrobat December 2016
AK-PPR-A Performance Progress Report Acrobat May 2017
AK-PPR-A Performance Progress Report Instructions Acrobat May 2017
AK-PPR-B Program Indicators Acrobat September 2014
AK-PPR-B Program Indicators Instructions Acrobat September 2011
Single Equipment Reporting Form Excel May 2016
Quarterly Financial Progress Report Excel October 2018
Instructions for Completing Financial Progress Report Acrobat November 2009
Equipment Inventory & Guidance
Equipment Disposition Form Excel May 2016
Equipment Control Handbook Acrobat October 2008
Property Inventory Form Excel January 2008
Property Inventory Form Instructions Acrobat June 2008