Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plans

The Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is pleased to provide the State of Alaska the Multiyear Training and Exercise Plan (MYTEP). The purpose of the MYTEP is to document the State of Alaska’s overall training and exercise program priorities for the period 2017-2019. It is considered to be a living document intended to be updated and refined annually as priorities and needs change based upon real world events. 

The MYTEP priorities are linked to corresponding core capabilities, threat assessments, corrective actions from previous exercises, or other factors. It identifies the training and exercises that will help the State better prepare itself, as well as preparing communities, boroughs and other State agencies, to meet the challenges presented in various catastrophic events.

The MYTEP establishes a process for coordinating emergency management, homeland security, and emergency services training and exercise activities in Alaska. This plan is intended to help local jurisdictions in Alaska to determine what training and/or exercise activities are needed to:

  • Test a Small Community Emergency Response Plan (SCERP) or Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) by local jurisdictions.
  • Fill Core Capability gaps identified in the Alaska Assessment, Threat and Hazard Identification & Risk Analysis, and State Prepareness Report.
  • Assist participating communities to meet grant requirements.
  • Build towards statewide participation in Alaska Shield 2019.
  • Build stronger Incident Management Teams in Alaska, which includes launching the All-Hazards Credentialing Program.
  • Build a cadre of training and exercise professionals and instructors in Alaska, so our local training and exercise needs can be met in a timelier manner.
  • Synchronize training and exercise activities with Alaska State Departments and Federal partners

Please take the time to read this document and use it prepare your training and exercise plan.  We encourage you to provide us feedback on how to improve this plan.