Incident Management Teams (IMTs)

Incident Management Teams (IMTs)

Purpose: This matrix provides guidance for emergency management training for specific positions on a local Incident Management Team (IMT).

Contact information: We welcome recommendations for revisions and/or additions to this matrix. Please email your recommendations to Eva Edwards or Jeffrey McKenzie.

Instructions: Click on the job title to view the recommended training for each position. A direct link is provided for all online courses. For all other courses, you may visit the various websites for the national training partners to determine where and how to apply for training.

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Command/General Staff

  • Incident Commander
  • Public Information Officer
  • Safety Officer
  • Liaison Officer
  • Agency Representative

Finance/Administration Section

  • Finance/Admin Section Chief
  • Procurement Unit
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Buying Team Leader/Member
  • Cost Unit

Logistics Section

  • Logistics Section Chief
  • Logistics Branch Director
  • Logistics Specialist
  • Logistics Assistance
  • Communications Unit Leader
  • Communications Specialist
  • Mapping Database Specialist
  • Computer Specialist
  • Message Center Manager

Operations Section

  • Operations Section Chief
  • Operations Specialist
  • Deployed Incident Liaison
  • Disaster Preparedness/Relief Specialist
  • SECC/Response Unit
  • Operations Branch manager
  • Operations Division Supervisor

Planning Section

  • Plans Section Chief
  • Situation Unit
  • Resources Unit
  • Documentation Unit Leader
  • Demobilization Unit
  • Status/Check-in Recorder
  • Situation Unit Support/Display Processor
  • Homeland Security THSP, LEO, APIP, HSIN
  • Technical Specialist/Expert