Earthquake Simulator Program

The Quake Simulator is in winter storage until the end of May. Requests for the quake simulator are being accepted for June-September 2019 at this time. We will also accept requests for the end of May with the understanding that it is weather dependent. If you have any questions please contact Michelle Torres at 907-428-7032 or email

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The State of Alaska’s new earthquake simulator provides citizens with a safe yet realistic experience of the intense shaking that can occur during an earthquake. Alaska has more earthquakes than any other state. The simulator, funded by the Alaska Division of Homeland Security is used to promote emergency preparedness and provide earthquake education.

Our priority is to reach a variety of audiences; including emergency responders, medical professionals, business owners, students, teachers, community leaders, and the general public. Each “Quake Simulator” event is designed as an educational experience. Simulator events include safety fairs, preparedness expos, conferences, and educational outreach programs. Our goal is to provide emergency preparedness education and the risks associated with an earthquake event. We also provide detailed planning information to reduce earthquake hazards, and how citizens can prepare before the next earthquake strikes.

To schedule the Quake Simulator, please complete this form and email to . The Simulator is available for events from May through October, weather permitting and depending upon staff availability. The Simulator is limited for those communities that are outside of the road system. Those communities on the Marine Highway System are scheduled based upon geographic location.

The science related to earthquakes in Alaska and emergency preparedness information is available on this Web site. Information and scheduled events are updated periodically, and we encourage visitors to check frequently. The public is invited to attend any of the events during the year.