SERC Alaska Citizen Corps Committee

Alaska Citizen Corps Committee

Committee Duties

1. Promote volunteer involvement across the State.
2. Promote public education regarding disaster preparedness and volunteer involvement across the State.
3. Help coordinate volunteer resources in the public sector, private sector, and volunteer and non-profit organizations engaged in public safety and emergency response activities in order to fill the gaps and avoid duplication.
4. Promote family safety and community disaster preparedness education.
5. Build stronger coordination and collaboration among groups that are dedicated to making Alaska a better place for all citizens and visitors.
6. Help communities feel more prepared and secure.
7. Strengthen our State’s ability to prevent crime, terrorism and respond to emergencies by enhancing emergency response capabilities.

The above can be accomplished through:

  • Personal responsibility: Citizen Corps Councils conduct public education and outreach efforts to inform the public about important steps and responsibilities they need to take.
  • Training: Citizen Corps Councils provide classes to improve individual emergency prevention, preparedness, and response capabilities essential to manage an emergency situation.
  • Volunteer Service: Citizen Corps Councils promote volunteer activities that support public education on preparedness and prevention, emergency response, and disaster relief essential to improving community safety.


The Committee shall consist of one representative each from the Citizen Corps Councils and one member for the State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHS&EM).

Updated March 2014

Alaska Overview

Seven Councils serving 448,453 people (66% of total state population) Citizen Corps Councils
  • Boroughs
    • Anchorage Citizen Corps Council
    • Kenai Peninsula Borough Citizen Corps Council
    • Matanuska-Susitna Borough Citizen Corps Council
  • Local
    • Cordova Citizen Corps Council
    • Fairbanks Citizen Corps Council
    • Valdez Citizen Corps
    • Denali Borough Citizen Corps
  • State Point of Contact
  • Kevin Reeve
    Emergency Management Specialist
    PO Box 5750
    Fort Richardson, AK 99505