LEPC Association Goals

Please direct your comments to:  Brian Templin (Southern Southeast) or Jamie Sunderland (Aleutian/Pribilof),  LEPC Association Co-chairs


1. Seek full and direct grant funding to LEPCs through Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHS&EM).

2. Enhance public awareness, i.e., "What are LEPCs" and "What are their powers and duties."

3. Strive for statewide "Level A" response capabilities through agreements or contracts with qualified responders.

4. Support the establishment of a statewide household hazardous waste program through ADEC.

5. Increase local participation in training programs and exercises.

6. Promote political subdivision equipment upgrades and replacements for emergency response purposes.

7. Support statewide communications capability, i.e., emergency telephones, satellite telephones and radio interoperability.

8. Encourage the development and maintenance of local community response teams.