Fire Mitigation

Many communities in Alaska exist surrounded by forests. There are things you can do as a home owner to protect your house from forest fires that spread to your area.

What can I do today?

  • Clear dead trees, brush, black spruce trees, and tall dry grass 30 feet from your house
  • Plant trees and shrubs that are fire resistant (like May days, Mountain ash, currants, and tulips)
  • Keep your vegetation well watered
  • Landscape with gravel instead of wood chips
  • Prune tree limbs that are within 6 to 10 feet above the ground
  • Construct your house with noncombustible roof and siding (like a metal roof or steel siding)

Firewise - This is the best site we've seen for defensible space and general fire mitigation.
Alaska Division of Forestry
American Red Cross: Wildfires
Mitigation Reference Link Page - see DHS&EM' complete list of mitigation links here

If you have questions about mitigation, e-mail Alaska's Hazard Mitigation Officer, Brent Nichols.