Past Classes and Materials

Implementing Flood Plain Management and Climate Change into Federally Compliant and Resilient Projects Workshop

Environmental and Mitigation experts from the FEMA Region X and the DHS&EM will lead discussions on federal floodplain management (Executive Order (EO) 11988 and 11990) and climate change policy (EO 13514) and how to integrate concepts into infrastructure, mitigation and resiliency projects. This workshop will provide federal infrastructure and mitigation project grant applicants the knowledge needed to understand the 8-step decision-making process to federal programs and activities, and make their applications compliant and competitive.

Climate Resilient Mitigation Activities

Flood Plain Management References

Points of Contact

  • General Mitigation Point of Contact
  • Brent Nichols - Emergency Management Specialist III/ State Hazard Mitigation Officer - 428-7085
  • Dan Belanger - Emergency Management Specialist II/ Hazard Mitigation Officer - 428-7034
  • Rick Dembroski - Emergency Management Specialist II,/Hazard Mitigation Officer - 428-7015