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North Slope Borough LEPC
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1.  Geographic Location:  The North Slope Borough is one North America’s most unique regions.  Bordered by the foothills of the Brooks Range to the south and the Arctic Ocean on the north and west, the area encompasses 89,000 square miles.  Fifteen percent of Alaska’s land mass lies in this region, all of which is located above the Arctic Circle.

Located within the responsibilities of the North Slope Borough LEPC, geographically the largest political subdivision in North America, are the first class city of Barrow; the second class cities of Atqasuk, Anaktuvuk Pass, Kaktovik, Nuiqsut, Point Hope, and Wainwright; the incorporated city of Point Lay; and the petroleum/industrial complex of Prudhoe Bay/Kuparuk.

The North Slope Borough was incorporated as a first class Borough on July 2, 1972 under the laws of the State of Alaska.  A Home Rule Charter was adopted by the Borough on April 30, 1974.  The Borough maintains a regional local government, analogous to the county form of government in many "lower-48" states.

2.  Size and Activity
:  Borough-wide population as of the 1993 census was 6538.  The projected population for the year 2000 is 8000 residents.  A majority of the cities are coastal with the exception of Atqasuk, 50 miles south of Barrow, and Anaktuvuk Pass, 258 miles southeast of Barrow.

Borough Incorporation provided North Slope residents with a means to levy property taxes on oil and gas industry facilities in the Prudhoe Bay area.  With the tax base being the only revenue for the North Slope government, the government became the major employer providing all services to the communities.  When the North Slope School District is included in the employment figures, more than 62% of the region’s work force is employed by or funded by the Borough. Other major employers are the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation, and other ANCSA village corporations and their subsidiaries.

3.  Communities
:  The North Slope Borough LEPC’s service area includes eight villages, Prudhoe Bay and numerous subsistence camps located within the 89,000 square miles. All communities are involved in subsistence activities to supplement a chosen life style. Barrow, with a population of 3,908 is the twelfth largest city in Alaska. 60% of the Borough’s population live in Barrow.  The seven villages exclusive of Barrow and Prudhoe Bay have a combined population of 2,630.  The largest village community is Point Hope, with a population of 699.  The smallest North Slope village is Point Lay with a population of 192.  The other villages in decreasing order of population size are: Wainwright-584, Nuiqsut-318, Anaktuvuk Pass-270, Atqasuk-237, and Kaktovik (Barter Island)-230.

4. Hazards Analysis
:  Moderate to High Risk.  The North Slope LEPC’s areas of responsibility include oil production facilities and approximately 200 miles of oil pipeline. Additionally, all villages are heavy users of fuel and fuel derivatives for heating, vehicles, and power generation.  The high volume of fuel usage requires fuel storage and the transfer of the fuel is a very high risk for spillage.  The residents are also aware of the dangers of fire, floods, earthquakes, and chemical disasters.  The LEPC’s plan is to promote awareness and take proactive procedures for the safety and well-being of North Slope Borough residents.

5. Staffing
:  Volunteer and Community Paid:  Disaster Coordinator and Disaster Technician.  Both positions are funded by the Borough.

   Status of Emergency Planning Process:  

Emergency Operations Plan Yes
Initial Hazard Analysis Yes
Hazardous Materials Annex to EOP Yes

7.   Plan focus:  All Hazards

8.  LEPC Grant Awards: SFY 2008

Baseline Grant of $12,612.50
Special Project Grant of $0.00

10.   Government/Industry Support or Matches:  There is no formal government Borough or city in this area.  No support from any local governmental entity. 


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