Tsunami Mitigation

A tsunami is a series of waves that can be dangerous and destructive. They can be caused by underwater disturbances or earthquakes. When you hear a tsunami warning, move at once to higher ground and stay there until local authorities say it is safe to return home.

Alaska's Governor Sean Parnell PSA

What can I do today?

  • Be familiar with the tsunami warning signs. A rapid rise or fall in coastal waters and a large earthquake are both signs to an approaching tsunami.
  • Know the location of your local evacuation site. Most coastal communities have a designated area on high ground that the community will meet, e.g.: a school.
  • Know your community's warning siren or method of letting people know a tsunami is coming.
  • DO NOT go to the water to watch the tsunami come in!

Good Tsunami Sites:

If you have questions about mitigation, e-mail Alaska's Hazard Mitigation Officer, Ann Gravier.