Local Hazard Mitigation Plans

The Hazard Mitigation Program was initiated in response to the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000, which mandates community hazard mitigation planning for FEMA disaster mitigation funding eligibility. The State of Alaska supports local community and Borough hazard mitigation planning efforts with grant funding opportunities and direct assistance.

Click on the links below to view community mitigation plans, newsletters, webinars, and fact sheets.  All documents are downloadable using Adobe Acrobat software.  For more information contact George Grady or Brent Nichols

October 2011 FEMA Local Hazard Mitigation Planning Guidance Update

Hazard Mitigation Plan Newsletters

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Draft Mitigation Plans

View FEMA approved Local Hazard Mitigation Plans on the Division of Community and Regional And Affairs Plan Library

Updating Local Hazard Mitigation Plans