SERC Finance Committee

The Committee shall provide guidance and oversight of the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) funding and spending activities, consider other financial matters as directed by the SERC and, with SERC discretion, add additional matters as it deems appropriate in order to:

  • Develop a funding formula for State "470 Fund" grants to the LEPCs
  • Review and approve LEPC grant requests on a yearly basis
  • Support the annual preparation of the SERC budget
  • Explore alternative funding sources
  • Oversees allocation of available funds for local Citizen Corps Councils

Committee Composition

The Committee consists of five SERC members, two of whom are also LEPC representatives.  Two state government agency representatives (DEC and DHS&EM) are also on the committee, but are non-voting members. The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management provides staff support to the Committee.

Mr. George Vakalis  (Chair)
c/o Kim Weibl, DHS&EM
P. O. Box 5750
Fort Richardson, AK 99505-5750
Phone: (907) 428-7020
Fax: (907) 428-7009

Mr. Mike Coffey
Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
Transportation Management and Security
Phone: (907) 465-3904
Fax: (907) 586-8365

Mr. Bryan Fisher (DMVA/DHS&EM), Ex-Officio
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
Division Homeland Security and Emergency Management
P. O. Box 5750
Fort Richardson, AK 99505-5750
Phone: (907) 428-7096
Fax: (907) 428-7009

Mr. Abner Hoage
City of Ketchikan
70 Bawden Street
Ketchikan, AK 99901
Phone: (907) 225-3111
Email: AbnerH@City.Ketchikan.Ak.Us